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10 Best-Selling Drills – November 2013

Every month we bring you the chart-topping drills so you, the drill buyer, can know what drills people trust.  In addition, we are starting to post our thoughts on the best-selling drills to help you navigate your drill purchase!

November 2013 – The 10 Best-Selling Drills

1. Genesis GCD18BK 18v Drill Kit

The Genesis 18v Drill is a really interesting player on the market.  For starters, it’s really affordable with an under $40 price tag(sometimes the price falls just under $30).  Users who review it say it is worth far more, and on Amazon it gets an overall review of 4 stars, which is really good on the drill market.  It comes with a drill bit kit, and is a great buy as a 1st drill for around the house!  There’s a reason it is consistently number 1 in sales on Amazon for cordless drills!

2. Black & Decker DR26oB 3/8″ Corded Drill

The Black & Decker DR260B is a great basic drill like the Genesis above.  I’ve got one and I like it as a light duty, around the house drill.  The nice thing about it being corded is the fact that it doesn’t need recharged.  The frustrating thing about it being corded is…well…you’re stuck to the wall!

With that said, it’s a good basic drill, and I have one and like it.  But, if I had to buy all over again, I’d go with the Genesis that ranks #1, and is the same price.

3. Black & Decker BDCMT120 20v Matrix Drill

If you’re looking for a real versatile tool system, look no further than this 20v Matrix drill by Black & Decker.  At around $60, it’s overpriced for a 20v drill.  But, if you’re pressed for storage space, the tool system functionality comes into play.  Attachments for saws, sanders, lights, routers, and even a trim saw are available and cheaper than owning all the tools.

The downside?  When your battery dies, all your tools are out for the count.  And when your battery hits the end of it’s useable life in a few years, you may or may not be able to get a replacement battery.  But, it’s not a bad tool if the tool system idea rocks your boat, and this drill is the least expensive Matrix system drill.

4. DeWalt DWD112 3/8″ Corded Drill

Third on our lineup today is the DeWalt DWD112, a great semi-professional cordless drill from DeWalt.  It features an all metal 3/8″ chuck, long cord, level and can speed up to 2,500 RPM.

Reviews on Amazon state that it’s a really great, high quality corded drill.  At an affordable $50, it’s also a reasonable price!  And the best benefit?  No battery to die leaving you in a bind!

5. Black & Decker LDX220SBFC 20v MAX Cordless Drill

Coming up 4th this month is Black & Decker’s 20v MAX Drill.  Similar to the Matrix drill featured above, the 20v MAX drill has a high intensity battery and 11 position clutch.  It also fetures a 35 minute fast-charger, giving it an extra edge of drills which don’t offer that kind of charging speed.

A much-tougher big brother to the Matrix drill, the MAX by Black & Decker is a great addition to your toolbox if you need a drill that’s…just a drill!
6. Skil 2364-02 7.2v Cordless Drill

I’ve got to tell you, this model by Skil barely makes the list.  Yes, it’s sitting at #6, but it’s also barely a drill- and that’s the cool part!

Clocking in at a low 7.2v, you’d think this model by Skil would be a cordless screwdriver, but it’s not!  It’s light enough for around-the-home and 1 handed use, but tough enough to drill real holes in wood and metal.  It also has an internal lithium-ion battery and comes with a 1 year warranty.  Now, all it’s needs is a better name!

7. DeWalt DWD115k Corded Drill

It’s $60.  It’s a corded drill.  And reviewers claim it’s more powerful than their cordless drills.

Want to sink 4″ deck screws with ease?  Drill through steel more easily?  Than this is the drill for you.

An upgraded, more powerful version of the 112 corded drill above, the  DeWalt DWD115K is a real-deal, industrial grade drill that means business.  Buy it now on Amazon!

8. Hitachi DS18DSAL 18v Cordless Drill and Flashlight Kit

Coming in a number 8 is the Hitachi DS18DSAL.  This value-packed combo features an 18v drill, 18v flashlight and 2 lithium ion batteries.  Add to that Hitachi’s 10 year lithium ion tool warranty, and you can see why this drill sells so many units!

9. Black & Decker LDX172PK Tool Kit

Are you looking for a good, all around toolkit that includes a good drill?  This $55 tool kit from Black & Decker contains all the basics you need in order to get things done around the house.  It’s definitely a home-grade kit, but it’s a good one at that!
10. DeWalt DWD210G Corded Drill

This is a heavy, big 1/2″ corded drill.  Thankfully, to offset the weight, it’s amazing at drilling metal, rock and boring holes into just about anything.  It even includes a side handle for that extra grip when drilling really tough surfaces.  This is a corded drill with gusto!


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