5 Ways to Get the Best Deal on Amazon

Are you looking for THE very best deals on  If you’re looking to buy a drill, there is no better place than from the world’s leading ecommerce website-!

Here are 5 ways to get the very best deal from Amazon today!

1. Warehouse Deals

The best place to get an amazing deal on a new drill is Amazon Warehouse Deals.  Why is that, you may ask?

Amazon’s Warehouse Deals site features “open box” items for 10%-20% off – or more!  Open box items are products that have been returned unused, products with torn cardboard boxes or packaging.  

The products are functionally complete and new, but Amazon can’t sell them as new so they savings are passed on straight to you!

It’s a hidden little secret, as the stock is constantly changing and there are never more than a few of an item for sale at a time.

You’ll find amazing deals to save on items you were going to probably buy from Amazon anyway!  I have bought from Amazon Warehouse Deals before, and the give same attention to quality Amazon always gives.

One item I bought came with a box that was torn up and taped together, but the item was brand new and undamaged.  Another item I bought(actually a salad spinner) was completely new, in an undamaged box, for 20% off!!!  You just can’t beat that with a stick!

2. You Can Buy Used, Too

How to Get a Great Deal on Amazon

Over on the right side of the page under the “add to cart” option, Amazon has yet another cleverly hidden feature.  It’s an option called “used and new” where you can find used models of the drill you are looking at!

Often times, these are returns or people selling tools that they just didn’t use, so they have very minimal wear – but are available at prices 50% or more off of the original price!  You just can’t argue with that!

Considering how durable many drills are, buying used is a great option if you’re on a limited budget or just love to save money!  Try it today!

3. Look at Other Retailers

In the same section of the website, you can also buy your new tools from other retailers.

In fact, Amazon often hides lower priced retails in the same “used and new” section as the used products to showcase their product on the product page.  There are often other stores where you can get a better deal than Amazon, just know that there won’t be Prime 2-day shipping.

As long as that’s okay with you, this is another great place to get a deal!

4. Amazon’s Great Return Policy

Did you know that most Amazon products are returnable if they break within 2 months, even if the manufacturer doesn’t want them back?

I recently bought a laptop battery from Amazon, and after just 1 month of use it suddenly died.  It just didn’t work at all!  I filled out the manufacturers web form and awaited my response.’

The manufacturer then told me that warranty returns are only valid if you bought the product from them directly.  So, I went to Amazon and they were glad to take my product back, and they paid for shipping!  Then, I got a brand new one sent to me, and it’s been working like a champ!

This is a level of service that you unfortunately won’t find everywhere online – Amazon rocks!

5. Amazon Prime

If you’ve spent any time on Amazon, you’ve probably seen banners or heard a pitch for Amazon Prime.  For just $79 per year, you get a number of great perks, including:

  • FREE 2-Day Shipping on Millions of Items
  • No Minimum Order Size
  • Access to Unlimited FREE Movie and TV Show Streaming
  • Access to the FREE Kindle Lending Library

It’s a great way to get everything you buy on Amazon shipped to you super fast!  And it’s only $6.58 per month!

Check Out Prime now!


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