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9 Ways To Make Real Money From Woodworking

One of the things I hear about a lot is that people really want to make money from their woodworking.

It makes sense.  

Make Money From Woodworking

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You and I love to spend hours in the garage or shed cutting, sanding and drilling to come up with our latest project.  Many of us use our evenings and weekends building the latest piece of furniture for our home, and we could probably keep going and outfit all of our neighbors and relatives.

If you’ve spent a decent amount of time woodworking, you probably wonder if you can turn your side hobby into an income that makes you real money.  I’m not talking $7 per hour here, I’m talking real, feed your family kind of money.  How about $10k per month(see bottom of post) ? Here are 20 ways to get started:

9 Ways to Make Real Money From Woodworking

1. Build Furniture and Sell it on Craigslist.  There is a HUGE local market on CL, and it’s yours for the taking.  Build a small stock, set your prices and check your email daily for real customers who are interested in YOUR products.

2.Advertise (On Free Sites Like Craigslist) and Offer To Complete Honey-Do Projects.  There are so many husbands out there who have projects sitting incomplete everyday.  They’d love to throw some money at the problem, and their wives would love to see the projects done.  Bingo- business opportunity!

3. Get free items off of Craigslist and refinish them to turn for a quick profit.  You can make an free, ugly shelf sell for $20 at your yard sale with *just* a cheap coat of paint!  The craftsmanship you possess can turn a real profit easy.

4. Build custom furniture for local individuals and stores.  After the first few pieces, your reputation will get around.  Build up a catalog of the kinds of work you do, and the phone won’t ever stop ringing!

5. Make carved wooden bowls.  All you need is access to a lathe and a little practice, and you can take $5 chunks of wood and quickly turn them into $50 artisan bowls.  Great for craft shows and expos.

6. Make a Wooden Doormat.  500% markup from materials, and under 1 hour of your time.  Done – money in the bank!

7. Build planters and sell them to gardeners.  2×6 boards cut, sanded and nailed and you’re out the door!  Offer custom colors for a reasonable markup, and looky there – you are a custom builder!

8. Sell Custom Colored Corn Hole Games.  Everybody wants a custom cornhole game in their teams colors, and they’re willing to pay $100 for a well-built product.  Easy to do, and you can use lots of plywood.

9. Hand-Built crafts and ornaments.  It may not be manly, but their is a huge market for little wooden signs, crafts and trinkets and they sell!  The ability to provide custom units can really set you apart from mass manufacturers and help you make money from your woodworking!

Want To Accelerate Your Woodworking Business?

Make Real Money From Your WoodworkingIf you really like what you see above, I invite you to check out a course called “Wood Profits”.  This course will take you through all of the steps to start your home-based woodworking business.

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