The Original Pink Drill

The 2 Best Pink Drills – The Ultimate Guide to Pink Drills

Go ahead and type in the term “pink drill” into Google, and watch the results pile up.

If you go looking for a pink drill, chances are that you’ll get frustrated from all of the noise in the market.

There are so many different companies and products fighting for your attention!  There are literally hundreds of products, and specifically drills, being marketed to you, all with different benefits levels of quality.  Many products are a complete rip-off, while others are a worthwhile purchase. 

The Best Pink Drills – The Ultimate Guide

For you, the lovely web-surfer who has found their way here, I have compiled for you the very best in pink drills available on the internet.  I have scoured websites and reviews for hours to find the very best products so that you can find the best value in pink drill.  As I mentioned above, there are so many options, and many of them are really poorly made, with super-high markups.  I’ve rounded up the 2 best just for you today.

However, there are a few that rise to the top, and provide great value.  I was able to narrow down the hundreds of options to just 2 great drills.  Here are the top 2, both of which I recommend for unique reasons:

#1 – The Original Pink Box Drill

The Original Pink Drill

The Original Pink Box Drill claims to be, well, the first pink drill in the marketplace.  Whether that is true or not, this drill is great for around the house projects and small repair jobs.  Users on Amazon say that “outlasts manly drills” and “is tough enough for remodeling and light construction”.

This drill definitely has the best reviews of all the pink drills I found, and a complete set of bits and accessories.  It really has everything you’d need, a great set of bits for drilling as well as many screwdriver bits.   The only downside is the lack of additional tools like the model below, but for what you get, it’s a great value.  Check it out on Amazon today!


#2 – Little Pink Drill and Cordless Screwdriver Set

Little Pink Drill

The Little Pink Drill and Screwdriver is the #2 choice for pink drills here on Best Drill Guide.  Featuring many of the same features as the Original Pink Drill, the Little Pink Drill has 2 batteries and an bonus tool- a cordless screwdriver!

The Little Pink Drill, however, doesn’t get the glowing reviews the Original Pink Drill receives, and its accessory set is lacking – not really a set of bits worth using, according to reviewers.  Overall, it’s a decent tool for very basic, around the home maintenance, and the cordless screwdriver is perfect for assembling furniture and taking apart appliances or similar tasks.  Check it out right here on Amazon!


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