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Sanding Project

Why Sanding Takes Forever – And 5 Great Ways You Can Pass The Time!

Why Sanding Takes Forever

Sanding Project

Some projects take serious time to sand! From robstephaustralia

If you’ve ever started a sanding project that involves small crevices, spindles, rounded edges or anything that’s not flat, you know it’s going to take some serious time to complete.  Sure, the outcome of your work will be a beautifully stained project that will last for decades, but in the moment, it just feels like you aren’t actually getting much done.

Sanding can be a really long process.  From electric sanders to hand sanding small nooks and crannies, many woodworking projects have their fair share of challenges.  Today, while I’m not going into detail on how to sand, I want to share with you:

5 Great Ways You Can Pass the Time While Sanding

1. Listen to Music or Podcasts

In my mind, there’s no greater way to pass some time than by flicking on some Miles Davis and humming along.  Or maybe Skillrex or Metallica is more your tune.  Or perhaps you’re more of a podcast person.  No matter what you favorite flavor of music or speech, having something entertaining to listen to can make time fly by as you sand the old finish away!

2. Start with Small Wins

Psychologists tell us that small wins help us to get motivated and take on bigger and tougher tasks.

In your woodworking project, this means that you try to just get 1 flat surface done, or some other small accomplishment that you can see the results of in an hour or 2.  This can really help motivate you to knock out the rest of your project moving forward!  Small wins for the win!

3. Sand with a Friend, Spouse, or Co-worker

Doing anything with friends makes it more enjoyable.  Even if your friend, spouse or co-worker just sits and yaps with you and has a beer, they’ll still help you pass the time and be more productive as you take on your woodworking project.  And who knows, they might pitch in and help too!

4. Visualize the end product

When you’ve sanded down to the grain that first time, give it a good wipe off with a slightly damp cloth and stand back for a moment.  Think about how awesome your project will look when it’s completed and jump right back in to finish it off!

5. Work Often

Lastly, work often on your project so that you don’t lose sight of what you’re doing.  Over time, if you don’t get in there and sand something, your brain will start to remember that it is difficult, and you may lose that visualization of the end product that we talked about in number 4!

If this happens….then you’ve got problems, so work often, even if it’s just for a few minutes or an hour a couple times a week.  At the end of every week, you can look back and see that you’ve accomplished something, and that’s worth smiling about!

Chuck Key

What Features Do I Need in a Cordless Drill?

So What Features Do I Need in a Cordless Drill?

When looking for a cordless drill, you may be bamboozled by all of the options and technical features.  Sometimes, I think that manufacturers of power tools publish their impressive specifications just to confuse people into buying.  There are a few specs that actually matter, and can guide you into your drill purchase without having to understand absolutely everything about cordless drills!

That’s why is here.  We want to help you wade through the junk and specifications, and actually find the tool that’s right for you!

On this page, we’re going to delve in to all of the common features that drills have, and teach you, the homeowner, what actually matters and what doesn’t.  Then, you can walk confidently into the hardware store and say “You know, I really don’t need a 36v drill!”, or “3/8″ is plenty of chuck for my usage!”

After reading this guide, you will be empowered to know and buy only what you actually need, and nothing more!  Let’s jump in!

Chuck Size

When looking at buying a drill, chuck size can be very important depending on what level of use and abuse you plan to use your drill for.  There are 2 major chuck sizes that most cordless drills have, 3/8″ or 1/2″.

If we crunch the numbers, we can see that a 1/2″ chuck is only 1/8″ larger than a 3/8″ chuck.  Confused yet?

It may not seem like much, when you read the numbers on this webpage.  However, a small chuck size means 2 things for your future using your drill.

  • First, a 3/8″ small chuck tends to only be a feature on less powerful and less durable drills.  So, it’s simply a marker that tells you, “hey, this may not be a professional-grade drill.”  It’s good to know going into a purchase that this is the case.
  • Second, a 3/8″ chuck cannot hold bits larger than 3/8″.  At surface level, it seems like not such a big deal, since it just limits you from using 1/2″ bits, but you can still get close with a 3/8″ hole.  However, most hole saws require a 1/2″ chuck size, requiring a more powerful drill.
  • This draws us back to the first point–  You need a good bit more power and durability when using these accessories, so be sure to get a 1/2″ drill if you need the capability to use a hole saw and other high power accessories!  Do your homework on what add-ons you plan to buy in the first couple years of drill ownership, and make your decision off of that.  Don’t worry about buying the most powerful drill if you “might” need it, you can always upgrade later and sell you old drill at a yard sale or pawn shop for a reasonable price.

Chuck Key

Cordless Drill Features Chuck

A keyed chuck!
Thanks to Jordonhill School D&T Dept for this photo.

If you have an old drill, or a drill press around, you know that a chuck key is a small tool that you use to change drill bits and accessories in a keyed chuck.  Today, most cordless and corded drills feature a keyless chuck, which enables you to quickly and easily change your drill bit without any tool other than your hands.  It works by rotating the keyless chuck with your hand until the bit is loose, than removing and switching the bit when you’ve got the chuck open wide enough for the new bit.  After that, you just tighten it down firmly and you are ready to work!

Most of the time, a keyless chuck is exactly what you need.  If you don’t know that you need a keyed chuck, necessary for extra heavy-duty circumstances, than you just need a keyless chuck.  It’s much easier and faster to use, and there’s no little tool to lose!

Battery Voltage and Type

These days, there more different drill battery voltages and types than ever before, making life really confusing for the drill buyer today.  Whether it is 7.2, 12v, 18v, 20v or 24v, how do you know which battery voltage is right for you?  Add on top of that whether to buy Ni-CAD, Ni-MH or Lithium based batteries, and it’s enough to make your head spin!


You probably don’t need the highest voltage drill out there.  In fact, unless you are a professional, stick with a good 12v or 18v drill, and you’ll be great.  Skip the next paragraph if you’re a homeowner or hobbyist.

However, if you do work your tools hard, a higher voltage cordless drill is going to provide you with the power you need to do tougher jobs, such as drilling through hard and thick materials and sinking 3″ deck screws.  If you try to do these tasks with a lower-voltage drill, you’ll just be disappointed in your results.  Consider getting a little 12v drill for around the house repairs, and then buying one of the big guns for the heavy duty work!

New, higher voltage drills have amazing amounts of power and longevity compared to their older brothers.  If you are looking to upgrade from an already 18v drill, check out the offerings by manufacturers in the 24v+ market!

Battery Types

Drill Battery

A DeWalt Drill Battery

Drill batteries come in 3 types- Ni-CAD, Ni-MH, and Lithium Ion based batteries.

Each type of battery chemistry has it’s positives and negatives, so it’s important to evaluate your situation before choosing wisely!  You could literally spend all day researching and learning the differences between battery types, but instead, I’ll just simply it for you.  Everyone has their opinion on what battery type is best, and what’s best for you may be different than what’s best for someone else.

Ni-CAD batteries are the oldest type of rechargeable battery that is still on the market today.  Though they can develop memory problems and die prematurely, they are still the best battery in extreme cold or hot weather.  They are also less expensive than other battery types, so they’re cheaper to replace when they go bad.  If you are diligent and take great care of your Ni-CAD’s, you can get a great life out of them!

Ni-MH batteries improve on the technology of Ni-CAD cells by reducing the memory effect and increasing size.  Ni-MH batteries tend to have a longer life before they are useless, but they are weakened by cold and heat.  I can tell you from experience that they don’t stand a chance below 30 degrees, but re-warming them gains the power back from a cold “discharge”.

Lithium Ion batteries are the newest kids on the block, and they promise higher performance and no memory effect.  However, it’s important to know that they won’t last as long before they are useless, and they carry a higher cost.  They also do suffer in the cold, but they are the way that the industry is headed.  All of your laptop computers, cell phones and other electronics utilize this type of battery, and they are constantly being improved for power tools!

Drill Weight!

If you’ve survived past thinking about the different battery chemistries, it’s time to think about physical weight of the drill.  Though simple, it’s important to compare so that you don’t end up with a boat anchor that you have to lug around every day.

Always look at a drills specs and see how heavy it is- and make sure the battery weight is included, and that you are accounting for any long-life batteries you may buy too!  It’s amazing how much 1 pound matters when you carry that drill around all day long, so choose wisely when comparing weight.  It’s the reason why many professionals carry around a 12v drill for simple tasks!  Not so heavy like the big guns!

LED Guide Light, Storage Cases, Belt Clips, Levels, Bits, Bit Holders and Other Convenience Features

Drill FeaturesAll of these various features are great things to be aware of when you are searching for the right cordless drill.  None of them are essential to all people, but you may find that you really like having them.  I personally love my LED guide light, but could pass on the level, bit holders and belt clip- I don’t use them! 

Many new tools have these great features that weren’t popular 5-10 years ago, and now a better time than ever for power tool technology!

Drill Brush Guide

Why You Need A Drill Brush + How do I Use it to Make Life Easier?

Picture this: it’s Saturday morning…

Drill Brush Guide

Is this your shower? Photo by futureshape.

You’re outside, slowly scrubbing away at some grimy brick.  Or maybe you’re inside scrubbing mildew out of tile, scrubbing down car chrome, or cleaning your white fence before a pool party.

Either way, your arms are sore and tired.  Your hands are chapped.  You’re not really looking forward to that pool party that you’ve been cleaning for all day long.

Lucky for you, there’s a much better way to do this!

For not a whole lot of money (around $20), you can use power tools you already own to get all of this work done.

That’s right, using equipment you already own, you too can get all of this tasks done much quicker and easier by having your power tools work for you with an inexpensive drill brush.

What is a Drill Brush?

Buy Drill Brush ReviewLike it sounds, a drill brush is a heavy duty, nylon bristled scrubbing brush that attaches to your drill via the chuck.

Featuring a 1/4″ bit, it will fit pretty much any drill on the market whether you have a 1/2″ or 3/8″ chuck.

Here’s how it works:  You simply loosen the drill’s chuck to allow the size of the quick-change bit to fit inside.  Inserting the bit, you grin as you get excited for the progress that is about to be made.  Lastly, you run the drill, changing between forward and reverse periodically in order to wear the bristles evenly.

One user states that they’ve used this method of cleaning for over 30 hours, and their brush still looks brand new!  Take that for quality!

How Will A Drill Brush Make My Life Easier?

Users on Amazon report using this brush to clean tile showers in a time faster than they ever thought possible.  Others mention cleaning car rims, brake pad dust, showers and more!  Simply put, there isn’t a cleaning product anywhere else for $20 that saves you as much work as this drill brush.

Once you get this brush in your toolbox, you won’t be without it again!  Buy this drill brush now to take advantage of the time savings now and spend more time doing the things you love instead of cleaning!

The Original Pink Drill

The 2 Best Pink Drills – The Ultimate Guide to Pink Drills

Go ahead and type in the term “pink drill” into Google, and watch the results pile up.

If you go looking for a pink drill, chances are that you’ll get frustrated from all of the noise in the market.

There are so many different companies and products fighting for your attention!  There are literally hundreds of products, and specifically drills, being marketed to you, all with different benefits levels of quality.  Many products are a complete rip-off, while others are a worthwhile purchase. 

The Best Pink Drills – The Ultimate Guide

For you, the lovely web-surfer who has found their way here, I have compiled for you the very best in pink drills available on the internet.  I have scoured websites and reviews for hours to find the very best products so that you can find the best value in pink drill.  As I mentioned above, there are so many options, and many of them are really poorly made, with super-high markups.  I’ve rounded up the 2 best just for you today.

However, there are a few that rise to the top, and provide great value.  I was able to narrow down the hundreds of options to just 2 great drills.  Here are the top 2, both of which I recommend for unique reasons:

#1 – The Original Pink Box Drill

The Original Pink Drill

The Original Pink Box Drill claims to be, well, the first pink drill in the marketplace.  Whether that is true or not, this drill is great for around the house projects and small repair jobs.  Users on Amazon say that “outlasts manly drills” and “is tough enough for remodeling and light construction”.

This drill definitely has the best reviews of all the pink drills I found, and a complete set of bits and accessories.  It really has everything you’d need, a great set of bits for drilling as well as many screwdriver bits.   The only downside is the lack of additional tools like the model below, but for what you get, it’s a great value.  Check it out on Amazon today!


#2 – Little Pink Drill and Cordless Screwdriver Set

Little Pink Drill

The Little Pink Drill and Screwdriver is the #2 choice for pink drills here on Best Drill Guide.  Featuring many of the same features as the Original Pink Drill, the Little Pink Drill has 2 batteries and an bonus tool- a cordless screwdriver!

The Little Pink Drill, however, doesn’t get the glowing reviews the Original Pink Drill receives, and its accessory set is lacking – not really a set of bits worth using, according to reviewers.  Overall, it’s a decent tool for very basic, around the home maintenance, and the cordless screwdriver is perfect for assembling furniture and taking apart appliances or similar tasks.  Check it out right here on Amazon!