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Makita FD01W Drill Review

The Makita FD01W is a professional level driver/drill that is within the price range of any consumer.  

Though it has the form factor of a cordless screwdriver, it is also capable of drilling into wood, metal and any material in between!  An odd twist of a screwdriver that has the power of a drill, this Makita will knock your socks off!

Though it’s list price sits at $220, the actual price is typically around $120, which is a great deal!

If you need a screwdriver that can drive any screw into just about any material, this is the tool for you!  Enter the Makita FD01W!

Please note: Although I am reviewing this bestselling drill, I have no experience using it. Instead, I summarize all of the helpful reviews of this drill from the web, in a level-headed, unbiased manner. My goal is to do the hard research work for you, so you don’t have to. Visit the about page to learn more!

The Good:

  • 2 Lithium Ion Batteries so you never have to stop working!
  • Incredibly lightweight and powerful
  • A reasonable replacement for a 12v drill!

The Bad:

  • No chuck – so you can’t use regular drill bits

As I mentioned above, reviewers really appreciate this driver/drill.

On the plus side, there are many accolades.  The batteries last over the 50 minute charge time required for a full recharge, so you truly never have to stop working.

The FD01W is a great replacement for a lower-powered drill, and can do any screwing task that you’d throw at even a high-powered drill!

It is very similar to the Bosch PS21-2A, but if you were in the market, I’d recommend this Makita which offers higher value in ease of use and comfort for just about $10 more!  There’s a reason it gets 4.5 stars, and reviewer after reviewer have amazing things to say about it!

Overall Rating {rating}[divider_flat] [divider_flat]

Ease Of Use and Feel:

The Makita FD01W has a really great feel to it.  To start, it’s small, compact and lightweight, saving your arms, belt and back from carrying it all day long!  It’s simple and easy to use, and that earns a high rating in my book!

Special Features:

Hitting #1 on the special features list for this driver has to be the LED worklight.  You may wonder why I am so amped up, and I’ve got to tell you, this is a cool light.

Most drill LED work lights turn on when you press the trigger, and off when you release your finger.  Pretty simple, right?

Yes, it is, but it leaves something to be desired.  In dark corners, you must constantly be holding your finger barely on the trigger to line up your bit- and you can strip out your screws this way.

Never fear, the Makita FD01W is here!  It has an LED light that stays illuminated for a few seconds after you release your finger – allowing you to line up your bit with precision and save your screws!  It may seem to you like I’m over-hyping this feature, but I’m really not!  After a day of driving screws, I know my wrist muscles are sore and every little help I can get matters!

The package also comes with a hard case and a highly convenient holster – perfect for long days of work!  You’ll never go back to using a simple hand-powered screwdriver for repetitive tasks after you own a Makita FD01W!

Target User:

This drill is truly a professional level screwdriver, capable of any screw driving that you throw at it!  Many, many of the reviews all over the internet come from pleased professional users, saying that they constantly use the FD01W for tearing apart shipping crates, building trade show exhibits, server racks, and a whole host of other projects.

As long as you don’t make the mistake of wanting to use this as a dedicated drill to drill holes, you’ll love the Makita FD01W!  It’s an odd hybrid of a driver and drill, but definitely a driver at heart.  Pro and home users alike will love the speed, power, LED light and feel of this 2.0 lb super-driver!


  • Model: FD01W
  • Brand: Makita
  • Type: Cordless Driver/Drill
  • Voltage: 12v
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  • Chuck Size: 1/4″ Quick Drive
  • Speed: 0-1,300 RPM
  • Worklight: Yes
  • Weight: 2.0 lbs
  • Warranty: 1 year battery / 3 year tool

Did You Find This Helpful?

While we scour the internet to find the best information possible, we do not own every product we review.  Rather, we gather and research features and user experiences to come up with a synopsis based on our experience.

If you find this review helpful, please consider buying the drill from the “Buy on Amazon”  link above.  We will receive a small commission that will not raise your price one cent, and that goes to support the growth of this website!  Thank You!

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DeWalt DWD115k

DeWalt DWD115K 8 Amp Drill Review

Are you looking for a powerhouse drill that will work for hours on end and not let you down?  Do you need a tool that can work all day long for years and never break a sweat?

Enter the DeWalt DWD115k.  This 3/8″ drill is built for heavy duty applications, and won’t break down on you.  High powered as well, this is the perfect drill for repetitive drilling, driving and using grinding wheels and other alternative bits and tools!

Please note: Although I am reviewing this bestselling drill, I have no experience using it. Instead, I summarize all of the helpful reviews of this drill from the web, in a level-headed, unbiased manner. My goal is to do the hard research work for you, so you don’t have to. Visit the about page to learn more!


  • 2,500 RPM allow you to gain the momentum to really drive screws deep!
  • Has the power of a $200+ cordless drill in a sub-$100 corded drill package!
  • 8′ cord allows you to do workshop tasks without an extension cord to drag around


  • Corded drill means you’re stuck to the wall
  • Drill is louder than less heavy duty models
  • Only has 3.8″ chuck, so you’re not going to be using large hole saws

DeWalt’s DWD115k is the perfect example of a specific, need focused tool that excels at the tasks it’s designed to accomplish!  Build for repetitive drilling, grinding and brushing, the 115k is the perfect edition to a workshop that uses cordless drills to do tasks a corded drill can accomplish.  It’s definitely a solid 4.5 stars, and provides an incredible amount of value for the price!

Overall Rating {rating}[divider_flat][divider_flat]

Ease Of Use and Feel:

DeWalt DWD115kUsers absolutely love the weighting, feel, power and speed that comes out of this drill!

It’s lightweight and well balanced.  The trigger feels great, and it can give any other drill a run for it’s money when it comes to power!

As for ease of use, I couldn’t think of an easier drill to use.  The all-metal keyless chuck holds bits extremely snugly, and the only controls are the trigger and forward/reverse switch.  Users note that the trigger is especially well-designed, and it responds easily to evenly to pressure.

This is DeWalt’s answer to the need for a pro-grade but reasonably priced alternative to battery-driven drill. It’s near impossible to find a reviewer that doesn’t love it.

(There are some, but every product has that- people are most likely to leave a review for a product they disliked!)

Special Features:

To be honest, this drill really doesn’t have any special features, and it’s not designed for them either!  This is a workhorse, a simple, lightweight powerful tool with no frills.  And sometimes, that’s okay!

Target User:

This corded drill is a real workhorse, and is great for projects like roofing and decking that involve long hours of drill use.  Many reviews noted it’s amazing ability to drill for hours straight without getting hot or slowing down.  That’s just something that’s not possible with a cordless drill.

Of course, the disadvantage of going corded is that you have to drag a cord around, but if you’re in an open space or not moving around much, this is the perfect drill for your application!  In fact, one reviewer reported pulling the drill out of the box, attaching a grinding wheel and spending 5 hours of constant grinding on his truck.

The DWD115k didn’t even flinch at the idea, and stayed cool and consistent the whole time.   Now that’s a drill!

My suggestion would be to first buy a decent cordless drill, like the Hitachi DS18DSAL, and then add a quality corded drill like the DWD115K for projects that involve long hours of drilling or other drill usage.


  • Model: DWD115k
  • Brand: DeWalt
  • Type: VSR Pistol Grip Corded Drill
  • Voltage: N/A
  • Battery Type: Corded Drill
  • Chuck Size: 3/8″
  • Speed: 2,500 RPM
  • Worklight: No
  • Weight: 4.1 lbs
  • Warranty: 3 year limited, 1 year free service contract

Did You Find This Helpful?

While we scour the internet to find the best information possible, we do not own every product we review.  Rather, we gather and research features and user experiences to come up with a synopsis based on our experience.

If you find this review helpful, please consider buying the drill from the “Buy on Amazon” link above.  We will receive a small commission that will not raise your price one cent, and that goes to support the growth of this website!  Thank You!

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Hitachi DS18DSAL 18v Cordless Drill Review

The Review

Are you looking for a drill that is powerful enough for all of your projects?  Renovating a house into a home soon?  Your answer is the Hitachi DS18DSAL 18v 1/2″ Cordless Drill.

Featuring pro-level features in a compact, lightweight and affordable design, this is a drill that won’t let you down.

Add in the extra-bright external worklight, and I’m sold!  This is a really high-quality drill for a reasonable price, and it has a great warranty to back itself up!  Both homeowners and professionals love the Hitachi DS18DSAL, so let’s dive into our review.

Please note: Although I am reviewing this bestselling drill, I have only limited experience using it.  So, I summarize all of the helpful reviews of this drill from the web, in a level-headed, unbiased manner. My goal is to do the hard research work for you, so you don’t have to. Visit the about page to learn more!


  • Has all of the power needed to complete your projects
  • Lithium Ion battery is lightweight, lasts long and recharges in just 1/2 hour
  • On board worklight and external light helps you see your project in dark corners
  • Packs a lot of punch for the dollars, and keeps your wallet full


  • Some users weren’t thrilled with the external light, which isn’t LED
  • Doesn’t pack as much power as bigger, professional drills
  • The battery doesn’t match all other Hitachi tools

Overall, this is a really great drill.  It puts a ton of professional level features into a mid-priced drill that is within reach of non-professional wallets!  And it looks really cool too!

The few cons about this drill came mostly from heavy-duty professionals.  They often mentioned that this drill didn’t have the power they needed, but in my opinion they just need a heavier duty drill.  It’s only a $150 drill, which makes it a great mid-range tool for both hobbyists and professionals that don’t have a drill in their hand 100% of the time!

It has a ton of pros, and a ton of satisfied users.  Because of this, it is definitely a 5-star drill!

Overall Rating {rating}[divider_flat] [divider_flat]

Ease Of Use and Feel:

Hitachi DS18DSALIf you want a balanced, comfortable drill, look no further.  I can remember the first time that I held this drill myself.  I was working on a  show-site and the company that hired me had both DeWalt’s and 1 or 2 of these Hitachi’s.  I had used the DeWalt’s before, but my manager suggested I try to Hitachi due to it’s weight and balance.

I tried it out that day, and have been sold ever since.  This is a well-designed drill!

As is expected out of a 1/2″ chuck drill, the DS18DSAL has a lot of power, but reviews state it’s not an overwhelming amount.  Thanks to it’s 22 clutch positions, however, you can turn down the power when needed so you don’t wreck delicate projects or screw heads.

Most users commented on the fact that anyone can pick up this drill and become comfortable in just a few minutes.  The lithium ion battery keeps the weight down, and it has a really nice feel in your hands.

Special Features:

Packing a punch, this powerful drill also includes a number of really useful features.  First off, it has that on-board LED worklight that I love to have on any drill I use.  Why?  It can illuminate your screw or pencil mark and make it much easier to hit your target in a dark corner.  Very useful indeed!

This Hitachi also has a well-placed and useful belt clip, and we can’t forget to mention the included external worklight that works off of the same 18v lithium ion battery as the drill.  The belt clip is really a lifesaver when you’re climbing up and down ladders, so remember that next time you’re handing your Christmas lights!

For around $150, you really can’t beat this drill with a stick!

Target User:

The DS18DSAL is designed and best for the heavy-usage homeowner and the medium usage contractor.  Sure, it’s not a Hilti or other big contractor brand, but for the money it’s a really great drill.   It’s really tough and has a ton of great features, making it a great choice.

Reviewers that were homeowners stated that they absolutely love this drill.  Since the package comes with 2 batteries, you’re off to a great start and never have to stop working as long as you keep 1 battery on the charger at all times.  Users stated that they completed renovations, automotive work, furniture building and home building with this tool.

The Hitachi DS18DSAL has a lot of professional features in a small, reasonably-weighted and priced tool.  Buy it today on Amazon!

Check Out This Informative Review


  • Model: DS18DSAL
  • Brand: Hitachi
  • Type: Cordless Pistol Grip Drill
  • Voltage: 18v
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  • Chuck Size: 1/2″
  • Speed: 1500 RPM
  • Worklight: Yes
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs
  • Warranty: 10 year tool, 2 year battery

Did You Find This Helpful?

While we scour the internet to find the best information possible, we do not own every product we review.  Rather, we gather and research features and user experiences to come up with a synopsis based on our experience.

If you find this review helpful, please consider buying the drill from the “Buy on Amazon” link above.  We will receive a small commission that will not raise your price one cent, and that goes to support the growth of this website!  Thank You!

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Woodworking Hands Take Action

Free Drill Batteries for Life? Are You Kidding Me?

When I heard about this, I had just to tell you guys about it.

We all know what it’s like to have a battery that’s going on us in our drill.  From frequent charges to lower power and a big loss of productivity, having a bad drill battery really stinks, especially if you use your tool a ton!

Rockwell Tools – Free Batteries for Life

I recently heard about the Rockwell tools free batteries for life program, and I think it’s really darn awesome.  To start, the tools are reasonably priced for a quality tool, around $100 for most of their offerings.  Add to that the fact that you’re getting free batteries for life, and there’s really no reason not to be sold on this brand!

The free batteries for life program only includes newer lithium ion batteries, which totally makes sense since they have a longer lifespan before they die compared to Ni-CAD technology.  Still, it’s great to know that Rockwell will replace your battery for free when it does go.

The best way to take advantage of this program is to make sure you own an extra battery, or multiple tools and can go without one of your batteries at a time, since that is what you’ll have to do when you get your battery replace.  It’s also important to note that you must register your tool with Rockwell within the first 90 days of ownership in order to be part of this free program.  You really can’t lose!

What Tools Does Rockwell Offer in This Program?

Rockwell tools has a pretty good assortment of tools that they offer, and most of them do qualify for the free batteries program.  Let’s look at a few of the highlights below:

Rockwell RK2600K2 16-volt Lithium Powered Cordless Drill/Driver with 2 Batteries

This 16v drill/driver has all the power you’d expect from an 18v drill in a 16v lithium-ion package.  It has a 3/8″ keyless chuck, belt clip, reverse setting and 16 torque settings on the clutch.  The 2 batteries have a quick 30-minute charge time and will hold their charge for 18 months without discharging.  This drill even has a USB charger for smartphones and iPods!  Check it out on Amazon!


Rockwell RK2810K2 18-Volt Lithiumtech Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill Driver with 2 Batteries

The RK2810K2 is another great drill from Rockwell, featuring 2 batteries, a 1/2″ keyless chuck and LED guide light.  This drill also has many more features and is a step up from the 16v model above.  It’s great for intense hobbyists and professionals who use their tools daily.  This drill gets amazing reviews and has tons of happy owners! See full specs and Buy it Now on Amazon!


Anyways, I’ll stop yapping now and let you know that you can check out the full line of Rockwell tools on Amazon.  Have a great day today!

Best Drill Battery Warranty

10 Best-Selling Drills – November 2013

Every month we bring you the chart-topping drills so you, the drill buyer, can know what drills people trust.  In addition, we are starting to post our thoughts on the best-selling drills to help you navigate your drill purchase!

November 2013 – The 10 Best-Selling Drills

1. Genesis GCD18BK 18v Drill Kit

The Genesis 18v Drill is a really interesting player on the market.  For starters, it’s really affordable with an under $40 price tag(sometimes the price falls just under $30).  Users who review it say it is worth far more, and on Amazon it gets an overall review of 4 stars, which is really good on the drill market.  It comes with a drill bit kit, and is a great buy as a 1st drill for around the house!  There’s a reason it is consistently number 1 in sales on Amazon for cordless drills!

2. Black & Decker DR26oB 3/8″ Corded Drill

The Black & Decker DR260B is a great basic drill like the Genesis above.  I’ve got one and I like it as a light duty, around the house drill.  The nice thing about it being corded is the fact that it doesn’t need recharged.  The frustrating thing about it being corded is…well…you’re stuck to the wall!

With that said, it’s a good basic drill, and I have one and like it.  But, if I had to buy all over again, I’d go with the Genesis that ranks #1, and is the same price.

3. Black & Decker BDCMT120 20v Matrix Drill

If you’re looking for a real versatile tool system, look no further than this 20v Matrix drill by Black & Decker.  At around $60, it’s overpriced for a 20v drill.  But, if you’re pressed for storage space, the tool system functionality comes into play.  Attachments for saws, sanders, lights, routers, and even a trim saw are available and cheaper than owning all the tools.

The downside?  When your battery dies, all your tools are out for the count.  And when your battery hits the end of it’s useable life in a few years, you may or may not be able to get a replacement battery.  But, it’s not a bad tool if the tool system idea rocks your boat, and this drill is the least expensive Matrix system drill.

4. DeWalt DWD112 3/8″ Corded Drill

Third on our lineup today is the DeWalt DWD112, a great semi-professional cordless drill from DeWalt.  It features an all metal 3/8″ chuck, long cord, level and can speed up to 2,500 RPM.

Reviews on Amazon state that it’s a really great, high quality corded drill.  At an affordable $50, it’s also a reasonable price!  And the best benefit?  No battery to die leaving you in a bind!

5. Black & Decker LDX220SBFC 20v MAX Cordless Drill

Coming up 4th this month is Black & Decker’s 20v MAX Drill.  Similar to the Matrix drill featured above, the 20v MAX drill has a high intensity battery and 11 position clutch.  It also fetures a 35 minute fast-charger, giving it an extra edge of drills which don’t offer that kind of charging speed.

A much-tougher big brother to the Matrix drill, the MAX by Black & Decker is a great addition to your toolbox if you need a drill that’s…just a drill!
6. Skil 2364-02 7.2v Cordless Drill

I’ve got to tell you, this model by Skil barely makes the list.  Yes, it’s sitting at #6, but it’s also barely a drill- and that’s the cool part!

Clocking in at a low 7.2v, you’d think this model by Skil would be a cordless screwdriver, but it’s not!  It’s light enough for around-the-home and 1 handed use, but tough enough to drill real holes in wood and metal.  It also has an internal lithium-ion battery and comes with a 1 year warranty.  Now, all it’s needs is a better name!

7. DeWalt DWD115k Corded Drill

It’s $60.  It’s a corded drill.  And reviewers claim it’s more powerful than their cordless drills.

Want to sink 4″ deck screws with ease?  Drill through steel more easily?  Than this is the drill for you.

An upgraded, more powerful version of the 112 corded drill above, the  DeWalt DWD115K is a real-deal, industrial grade drill that means business.  Buy it now on Amazon!

8. Hitachi DS18DSAL 18v Cordless Drill and Flashlight Kit

Coming in a number 8 is the Hitachi DS18DSAL.  This value-packed combo features an 18v drill, 18v flashlight and 2 lithium ion batteries.  Add to that Hitachi’s 10 year lithium ion tool warranty, and you can see why this drill sells so many units!

9. Black & Decker LDX172PK Tool Kit

Are you looking for a good, all around toolkit that includes a good drill?  This $55 tool kit from Black & Decker contains all the basics you need in order to get things done around the house.  It’s definitely a home-grade kit, but it’s a good one at that!
10. DeWalt DWD210G Corded Drill

This is a heavy, big 1/2″ corded drill.  Thankfully, to offset the weight, it’s amazing at drilling metal, rock and boring holes into just about anything.  It even includes a side handle for that extra grip when drilling really tough surfaces.  This is a corded drill with gusto!

Best Drill Battery Warranty

5 Best Drill Battery Warranties – (2 WILL Surprise You)

When buying a drill, one of the more important considerations is the battery and what kind of warranty is offered on both the battery and the tool itself.  If you use your tool often, you know what a difference a great battery makes – you are more productive and able to work more quickly.  We’ve previously covered the difference between different battery types and chemistries, but today I want to write about warranties. A good battery chemistry is only good as long as the battery lasts, and if you’re a power user, that may not be too long at all, which can really stink.  New batteries can cost a fortune- sometimes over 1/2 of the cost of the tool itself, and that just stinks!  Some drill manufacturers only offer a 90 day or 1 year warranty, and I call that weak!  You can better than that, and you don’t even have to buy an expensive tool to get it! Below, we outline the very best warranties offered on drill batteries, so that you can make the best buying decision when it’s your time to buy!  Be sure and read all the way down to number 1 – the very best and most surprising warranty of them all!

5 Best Drill Battery Warranties

5. Black & Decker 2 Year Warranty Black and Decker, and great value-oriented brand surprisingly offers a 2 year warranty on most of their tools and batteries.  Considering their affordable cost, I’d say that’s a winner! 4. Genesis 2 Year Warranty Coming in at number 4 is the Genesis brand warranty.  For a $40 drill, it’s darn reliable and the 2 year warranty is surprising on such an inexpensive product.  If you haven’t checked out this drill, what are you waiting for? 3. Ridgid 3 Year Warranty Ridgid tools, though slightly pricier than the last 2 companies, offers a great 3 year warranty on both your tool and the battery.  I’d say that’s worth it! 2. Hitachi Lithium Tool 10 Year Warranty Hitachi offers a surprising – and amazing – 2 year warranty on their battery and an additional 8 years on the tool!  That makes a total of a 10 year warranty on all of their lithium ion tools, which is just unheard of.  So, if your battery dies 2-3 years in, you can buy a new one and know that the tool itself isn’t going to die anytime soon, making that battery purchase totally worth it! 1. Rockwell Free Batteries for Life By far, the most exciting drill battery warranty has to be the one offered by Rockwell tools.  Hands down, it doesn’t get any better than their guarantee of free batteries for life!  I’ve read the fine print, and the only cost you have to cover is shipping and handling, which isn’t bad at all!  Besides that, Rockwell makes a killer bunch of tools, so check them out today! Always remember to follow all the steps required to register your product for it’s warranty – you don’t want to miss out on accident!

Genesis Drill

The Best Place to Buy a New Drill – Cheap!

Hi Best Drill Guide Reader,

I just wanted to write a quick post to share with you a little secret that I have recently come across.

Best Place to Buy DrillDid you know that you can find drills and other power tools, brand new, for 10%-20% off OR MORE?

When I found out this secret, I was surprised at how hidden it was!  To my surprise, it had been right under my nose for quite some time.

I personally have bought tools at this place, and have always been thrilled with the product- and returns are free if you are not!

Anyways, I’ll stop rambling on now.  Simply sign up below for my Best Drill Guide newsletter, and we’ll let you know where this awesome place is on day 5 of the newsletter.   We’ll also drop some free woodworking plans by you and tons of other freebies.

It’s like free money.  You’ve got nothing to lose!

Sign up below NOW and get the goods!  This offer will not last forever!

What Alternatives Exist to Dewalt Drills?

Dewalt makes a fantastic drill, you’ve got to hand it to them!  When most people think of power tools, especially drills, the picture of a yellow and black Dewalt drill comes to mind.  They’re the industry leader, and they make an amazing drill for professionals, hobbyists or people who want the best tool out there.

Cordless Drill

A “new” kind of cordless drill.
Thanks to Relentlessly Optimistic for the photo!

But What if the Cordless Drill You Need Doesn’t Have to be the Best?

Thankfully, in today’s diverse marketplace, you’ve got options.  There are many reasons people wouldn’t like the Dewalt cordless drill.  Whether that be weight or cost, all reasons to look for a better option are good reasons.  Let’s dive into some different alternatives to the popular Dewalt drill!

Weight – Hitachi DS18DSAL

If you worry about the weight or size of the industry standard drill, look no further for an alternative that the Hitachi DS18DSAL combo kit.  Featuring all of the standard features like 22 torque settings, high/low speed adjustment, 18v battery, and belt clip, this is a model that is sure to please any handyman or professional!

Building on the standard features, this amazing Hitachi product also includes a 1/2″ chuck and features an incredible, 10 year warranty on the battery.  This is completely unheard of, and not at all normal in the cordless tool market!

Add to that the included flashlight and 2nd battery, and you’ve got a winner for anyone who is looking for a smaller, zippy drill that can fit many applications well!

Cost – Genesis GCD18BK

Genesis GCD-18BKThe Genesis GCD18BK is one of the top-selling drills on Amazon, despite that fact that no one has ever heard of the brand!  It is incredibly amazing that a product would be able to do this in the power tool market, but new tool brand Genesis has proved it can be done.

With over 100, 5 star reviews, you know that this inexpensive power tool has something special going on.  This tool has all of the standard features, such as a 3/8″ chuck, 18v power and a belt clip, and comes in at a very low price.

On top of the basics, this drill doesn’t have anything big that sets it apart from less expensive alternatives.  However, the love is in the little details, and this product makes up for it’s lack of ingenuity with an integrated magnet, light, level, bit case and a hard storage case.

The Genesis is truly a new competitor in the power tool market, and a great one at that.  Homeowners, hobbyists and even professionals are astounded at the level of quality that abounds from such an inexpensive tool!

Buyers Guide – What are Common Cordless Drill Features?

Boom!  Go to any hardware store and pop you head into the power tool section.  Then, gasp as you see miles and miles of the latest cordless drills.  With so many brands, types and features, how could you possibly find the drill that’s perfect for you?

You want to get a quality tool, but don’t want to spend a ton, either.

Thankfully, your debate is not only your debate.  Thousands, perhaps millions of people have also stood in the tool aisle, afraid to be guided by a commissioned salesperson.  Does it matter if it can scoop you ice cream or if it has a laser level?  Let’s find out!

Cordless Drill Features Demystified

Chuck Size

When you are reading drill descriptions and manufacturers specifications, you often run into the chuck size expressed in inches.  Common types at 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″.  Getting down to basics, the chuck is the part of the drill that holds the drill bit.  Most modern chucks are “keyless”, meaning you don’t need a special “key” in order to get your bit out.  Your hands will work just fine, which is a time-saving modern convenience.

With that said, the chuck size represents 2 things.  The first is the maximum size bit that your chuck can hold.  However, above 1/2″, spade bits and hole saws come into play, but note that some of them even have a 1/2″ bit size, so they won’t work in a 3/8″ drill.

The 2nd thing that your chuck size represents is power.  1/4″ and 3/8″ drills just aren’t suited for the professional user, as they lack power and can easily burn out if you do a ton of drilling, or frequently drill through tougher or thicker materials.

Battery Size, Voltage, Type, Weight and Charge Speed

Battery size and voltage correspond to the total run time and “uumph” that the battery of a given tool have.  The highest voltage and largest size batteries also happen to be the heaviest, so many home and light-duty professional users choose a lower voltage drill for ease of use and overall size.

You also want to look at the battery type and charge speed to determine how many extra batteries you’ll be buying down the road.  The battery is the most expensive part of most drills, so it’s important to choose wisely.  Ni-Cad batteries are the standard, despite their short life span.  They outperform Lithium and Ni-MH batteries in cold weather and during long term storage.  Many professional drills will charge in under an hour, but also come with 2 batteries so that you don’t get stuck stopping to wait for a charge!

LED Guide Light

Many drills these days come integrated with a guide light, and some have it the whole way around the barrel.  This is a feature you want, no matter who you are.  I cannot even begin to count the amount of times this has allowed me to see right where I need to to line my drill for a perfect hole.  You can’t go wrong with a guide light, and most drills these days come with them!

Storage Cases, Belt Clips, Levels, Bits and Bit Holders

You need to know that many less expensive drills do not come with a storage case, so you may damage your drill in transport!  This is not good, and I would recommend buying a drill with a case, or at least keep it in a bag unless you just use it at home!

Belt clips are a cool feature that allows you to look awesome and carry a big drill off of your tool belt.  With that said, it is nice not to have to always be putting your drill down while working.  Levels aren’t really all that helpful if you are decent at drilling.  However, most drills do include them, so don’t worry if you do happen to want one.

Included bits and integrated bit holders are nice features, since they allow you to store different sized or shaped bits on the side of the drill.  This is helpful if you only have 1 drill, but want to switch between drilling and shooting screws.

What is the Best Cordless Drill on the Market Today?

Are you looking for the latest and greatest cordless drill on the market?

Frustrated by the prices of Dewalt, Milwaukee and other big name manufacturers?

I know I was!

I have a tool buying policy that works like this: buy the cheapest, decent version of the item first.  Then, when I break that product, I can go and buy the really nice one.  This method works great for me because I often don’t break the cheap tool and therefore don’t buy the expensive version!  However, it doesn’t keep me from buying nice tools- I have a number of those in my garage too!

I am often surprised that even at work, we have cheap, Chinese-branded tools that hold up just as good as the “American companies” lower cost offerings.  I was recently on and found a new cordless drill that is making a huge splash in the power tool industry- and it was too cool not to share the details with you!

The Genesis 18v Cordless Drill/Driver Kit

So you’ve never heard of this company, Genesis, either?  That puts us on the same page!

Finding a DrillHowever, despite the lack of public notoriety, this Genesis drill is a top-10 seller on Amazon, and has over 100, 5-start reviews to back it up.  That’s really good, if you ask me!

This product is amazingly inexpensive, and really good for home repairs, furniture building and shooting screws.  Driven by a powerful 18 volt battery, the Genesis has a 3/8″ chuck, 16 torque settings and even comes with a small, sample set of drill bits.  There isn’t a better value for the money out there!

Reviewers on say that this cordless drill is perfect for around the home projects, and that it is better than they expected considering the low price paid!  It is the perfect gift for anyone who needs to do basic home repairs, and some reviewers even reported drilling through steel!

Really Special Features

Not only does this drill excell at all of the “normal” benchmarks, like chuck size, torque setting, battery life and speed.  It also has a number of time-saving special features that will really come in handy around the home or workplace.

Namely, the LED spotlight illumiates your work area so you can accurately sink a screw, or make sure that you are drill perfectly straight into your material.

Genesis GCD-18BKThe integrated magnet, located just under the pistol grip and above the battery can easilyhold screws, extra drill bits or washers while you work on your project!  This means you don’t have to fumble them around in your hand or mouth.  That makes things safer, too!

Having an onboard level means that you will never, ever accidently drive a unlevel screw or hole into your home.  This is a major time-saver!

The Genesis GCD18BK also comes with a hard carrying case and a 2-year limited warranty.  I dare you to find a big name drill in this price range that carries that kind of warranty- it’s just unheard of!

If you’re looking for a drill to fix things around the house and medium duty work- you don’t need to look any further!