Drill Brush Guide

Why You Need A Drill Brush + How do I Use it to Make Life Easier?

Picture this: it’s Saturday morning…

Drill Brush Guide

Is this your shower? Photo by futureshape.

You’re outside, slowly scrubbing away at some grimy brick.  Or maybe you’re inside scrubbing mildew out of tile, scrubbing down car chrome, or cleaning your white fence before a pool party.

Either way, your arms are sore and tired.  Your hands are chapped.  You’re not really looking forward to that pool party that you’ve been cleaning for all day long.

Lucky for you, there’s a much better way to do this!

For not a whole lot of money (around $20), you can use power tools you already own to get all of this work done.

That’s right, using equipment you already own, you too can get all of this tasks done much quicker and easier by having your power tools work for you with an inexpensive drill brush.

What is a Drill Brush?

Buy Drill Brush ReviewLike it sounds, a drill brush is a heavy duty, nylon bristled scrubbing brush that attaches to your drill via the chuck.

Featuring a 1/4″ bit, it will fit pretty much any drill on the market whether you have a 1/2″ or 3/8″ chuck.

Here’s how it works:  You simply loosen the drill’s chuck to allow the size of the quick-change bit to fit inside.  Inserting the bit, you grin as you get excited for the progress that is about to be made.  Lastly, you run the drill, changing between forward and reverse periodically in order to wear the bristles evenly.

One user states that they’ve used this method of cleaning for over 30 hours, and their brush still looks brand new!  Take that for quality!

How Will A Drill Brush Make My Life Easier?

Users on Amazon report using this brush to clean tile showers in a time faster than they ever thought possible.  Others mention cleaning car rims, brake pad dust, showers and more!  Simply put, there isn’t a cleaning product anywhere else for $20 that saves you as much work as this drill brush.

Once you get this brush in your toolbox, you won’t be without it again!  Buy this drill brush now to take advantage of the time savings now and spend more time doing the things you love instead of cleaning!


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