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Drill Buying Guides

Drill Buying Guides

Check out our complete guides to buying drills right here!  Whether you’re looking for a simple drill for around the home tasks, or need some serious power to knock out big projects, check out the guides below!  Our goal is to help you find exactly the drill you need to get your jobs done!

What Chuck Size Do I Need? + The Ultimate Chuck Guide

When looking at buying a drill, chuck size can be very important depending on what level of use and abuse you plan to use your drill for.

It may not seem like much when you read the numbers on this webpage.  However, a small chuck size means 2 things for your future using your drill.  Read more about chuck sizes here!

Is Torque Important? The Ultimate Drill Torque Guide

Every drill has a different amount of torque, and you know that you probably don’t need the drill with the most torque.  So that begs the big question:

How Much Torque is Enough?  Learn everything that you need to know about drill torque right here!

Impact Drill vs. Hammer Drill vs. Regular – What Do I Really Need?

We’ve probably all gone down to the hardware store and spent more than a few minutes in the drill aisle.

Let’s face it– drills are great, and we always want to make sure we have the proper tools for the projects we’re working on, right?

In the drill aisle, we are faced with 3 distinct sections.  First we’ve got the regular drills, where we spend most of our time.  This makes sense, and we compare voltage and torque and stuff like that.  Then, we have the impact drills and hammer drills.

They looks super heavy duty and professional.  Some of them have handles. (That must mean something!)  All of them dazzle us.  But what really makes them different?