Make Money from Woodworking

How To Make $150 This Weekend From Your Woodworking – 4 Simple Steps

Sometimes, people make making money all complicated.

They start with confusing concepts like “business plan”, “business bank account”, “tax ID number” and scare away 90% of people who just want to make a few bucks out of their garage.  Sure, we all know if your business takes off, you need to be structured right.  But make your first $1000 first!

So, this weekend, I want to help you make real money.  The kind that grows on trees(since we are talking about wood).

My Simple, 4 Step Process to Making $150 This Weekend From Woodworking

Woodworking Project

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Step 1: Identify Something Within Your Skill Level That You Have Already Build

Step one starts on Tuesday, before the weekend even starts.  The first step is to identify a project that you already built that someone else would buy and you can make within an hour or 2 of time.

This could be a floating bookshelf, desk organizer, small side table or shoe organizer.  It could be any number of things, but the important part is that you can make one within just an hour or 2 of your time, and price it around $50-$75.

Step 2: Post Ads on Craigslist For The Item

Now, go to your local Craigslist and post ads for the item.  You can do this on Wednesday, no need to wear yourself out!

It’s important to have a great picture with good lighting, a good description with dimensions and tell people that it is available to view the coming weekend, but email now to setup a time.

Your goal here is to see if the market desires the item you are selling before you actually build the “for sale” model.  Keep it simple, and when a highly interested email comes in(NEVER publish your phone number directly on CL), call or reply and set up a time.

Step 3: Actually Build Your Product

Make Money from Woodworking

Photo Credit: quaziefoto via Compfight cc

Now, it’s Friday.  Tomorrow is the day you’ll show your product, so get it built tonight!  Hopefully, you’ve gotten enough interest for more than 1 product, and you can build them, but if not, just build one.  If people call on Saturday after you’ve sold the item, set up a time on Sunday or Monday to have them look at it(the next one you build).

Step  4: Make a Satisfied Customer

When the buyer comes over, sell them your product.  Then, help them load it into their car, and work on selling the next one.  You can easily sell 2-3 of these in your first weekend if the weather is decent, and make $150.  More importantly, you’ve validated your idea to make money – it really works and you can scale it up from here!

Start Now

Now, you’ve read these 4 steps, and it sounds like a great idea.  What you must do now is start.  If you do not take action and start, you won’t get anywhere this weekend.  So turn off the voices inside your head, or at least ignore them and take action this week to turn your hobby into a real, money-making business!

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